Soap Goat’s Milk Gift Pack: Relief-Cleanse-Sleep Sweet

Soap Goat’s Milk Gift Pack: Relief-Cleanse-Sleep Sweet

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Order Gift Packs from The Old Blueberry Farm Store! 3-3 oz. oval bars of complimentary scented soaps nestled attractively in a boxed set. Perfect for gifting or trying multiple scents of our most popular soap scents. 

Relief: Infused with calendula and scented with lemon & eucalyptus essential oils. Good for soothing skin. 

Cleanse: Infused with French green clay, scented with lime and cedar wood essential oils. The perfect facial bar for normal to oily skin. 

Sleep Sweet: Oil infused with lavender essential oil and dried buds. Amethyst mica gives each bar a lovely violet color. 

Ingredients: Lally Broch Farm own goat’s milk, herb infused olive oil, coconut & palm oils, lye, essential oils, dried flowers and botanicals, and mica. 

We are proud to have partnered with local Lilly Broch Farm, Frankfurt, Maine summer of 2023!