Wild Maine Blueberry

Delicious Maine Blueberries depend on a thick snow blanket to protect the wild blueberries from frigid winds and below zero temperatures.  Without that warm blanket, the harvest of blueberries cannot survive.  

Here in Maine, we are grateful every year for our winters and bountiful harvest so that we can enjoy blueberries to top of our morning cereal, carry blueberry muffins to a friend in town, or enjoy blueberry pie for a family feast.  

We are proud of our family blueberry jam made by our Mom & Dad!  We enjoy the jam on toast, drizzled over ice cream, or use on the grill.  You won't be disappointed!! Every family should enjoy the real taste of Maine Blueberries!  

Proud To Be Raised On A Blueberry Farm! 

Cindy 💙