Our Wild Blueberry Heritage

In 1960, my parents, Jim & Rosalie Alexander worked alongside of our Great Grandfather, helping run the wild blueberry fields and later acquired the fields as their own. 

My Dad & Mom adhere to old-fashioned values set forth by our great grandparents and grandparents who took pride in a small town called Greenfield where they raised 4 girls and 1 boy. The five of us kids got a lot of practice with prepping the fields, raking, and hauling the blueberries to the factory in the late summer. We all had our jobs and took them seriously.

Wild Blueberries bring memories of early mornings, walking the fields, morning dew, hard work, eating berries from the bush, and delicious blueberry pie.

The Old Blueberry Farm means so much to our family.  It represents so much of who we are and what we love in life. Hard winters, blueberry seasons, weeping willows and family gatherings bring our family together. 

Even though my parents have retired from the large blueberry fields, my brother and his wife do a wonderful job carrying on the family tradition. Now my parents are busy with the U-pick Blueberry Fields  and store.

U-Pick Blueberry Fields open each year for a couple of weeks in August. Over the years, it has been wonderful to meet so many friends all over the country who have stopped to pick berries and visit our farm store. 

We appreciate everyone that stops by each summer! 

Cindy, Daughter of Jim & Rosalie