Cindy Alexander Crawford website editor

Hello! I’m Cindy, married to Scott, for the past 41 years and mother to 3 wonderful adult children and 3 precious grandchildren! I have been a school teacher & a coach for most of those years and have been working on the craft of candle making this past year & love working in my flower garden!  

I love that I am a Maine girl! It means the world to me that I grew-up on a Maine wild blueberry farm, raked blueberries the old-fashioned way; always had blue teeth, hands, and feet during blueberry season along with my 4 siblings. I worked alongside of my family as we harvested the blueberries, loaded the boxes onto a truck every night and then hauled our harvest of berries to the factory. It was truly a family affair.

I love a challenging project and that is what I got when I tackled the art of building a website for the sole purpose of keeping product organized and having a great system for my Mom and sister to use in the Blueberry Farm Store.

I’ve been able to find a way to live in Georgia and to stay deeply connected to the blueberries, Dad, Mom, and family! I run the website side of things from Georgia and I am available almost 24/7 helping Mom & customers with any issues that might arise.

I plan to be at The Old Blueberry Farm Store for the opening of the 2021 Blueberry Season in a few weeks. Can’t wait to see everyone! 💙