U-Pick Blueberries 2022

Beautiful Blueberries This Season! It was great to be in Maine when the season opened up! 
We have a lot of blueberries left for those that want to fill their freezer with Maine Wild Lowbush Blueberries! We have blueberry rakes & a winnowing machine (that blows out the leaves, sticks, etc) for those that want to speed up the picking process. 

I loved talking with our Blueberry Friends this season! Many return year after year & awesome to greet those that pick in our fields for the first time! Send photos that capture your blueberry experience at our BB farm this season.

Email:  maineblueberryfarmstore@gmail.com    
I will add photos sent to our 2022 post.                                                                                     

Happy Picking!! 🫐

Cindy Alexander Crawford 

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