Blueberry Season 2021

What a perfect day at the Old Blueberry Farm! We had a lot of families and friends that spent part of their day with us picking blueberries. The blueberry patches are beautiful and sooo delicious! I hear chatter that there are going to be lots of blueberry pancakes, jelly, blueberry crumble, and delicious smoothies made over the next few days and months.

Dad once again set up the winnowing machine which blows out the leaves for those that want the experience of raking their own blueberries. He is the master at winnowing berries and no one else does better than Dad!  

Mom & Evelyn are “holding down” the Farm Store and are putting the finishing touches on everything. I get in the way a lot! LOL! But I love being with them!  Come check out this adorable store!    
I’ve included a picture that captures our amazing day!
I love this picture of Margaret & Meg!  Look at those blueberry stained knees! Now that’s how you pick blueberries!! 

I will write again soon about my favorite Blueberry Farm! 💙

Cindy Alexander Crawford 

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