Maine Wild Blueberry Jam

Jam Blueberry Maine Wild

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Best Blueberry Jam in Maine

Fresh Maine Wild Blueberry Jam homemade and at The Old Blueberry Farm, Greenfield, Maine and cooked to perfection. 

The Maine Wild Blueberries are raked in the field by my brother and his crew and processed for jam by Mom & Dad. They process the wild blueberries in a huge pot in small batches following safety guidelines for sterilization and canning of blueberry jam. (using Our Family Recipe) 

We gather around the family table and enjoy the sweetness of blueberry jam on biscuits. Our family and friends love our jam!

8 oz. jar of delicious sweet Maine Wild Blueberry Jam.  

Homemade at Our Farm, Greenfield, Maine 💙